Made to Measure Case Solutions

Need a pouch for something different?

We can do it.

Order based on a similar device or size.

We recommend that if you are looking for a pouch, case, or sleeve for something different (whether it be a water bottle, jump starter kit, flashlight, etc), first take a look at our standard pouch designs, and order based on device with a similar size. For example, if you need a case for a calculator that is about the size of a tablet, check out our “Tablet Cases” page. Or, maybe you’re an artist and you need a pouch for a large notepad that’s approximately the size of laptop. Visit our “Laptop Cases” page, and you can also select the option for additional pockets to hold your pencils and pens. Our pouches can be used for almost anything. Just note that all made to measure cases are subject to review. For example if you order a case to carry your pet Kangaroo, we will have to charge a little extra for all that material. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Design your case from scratch.

If you need something more complex or want to have a case built completely custom for your specific needs, reach out to us. We can build custom cases for almost anything. Inquire below to get started and receive a quote.