At Mighty Pouch, we strive to make cases of exceptional quality for ultimate customer satisfaction. Below are some of our customer reviews.


“I received this product today. Perfect. If it helps for your sales categories, this fits the Ailunce HD-1 amateur DMR radio, both as is and with the optional speaker mic.”

“Fits perfectly”

“I wanted to say thank you. I just received the case and it fits perfectly. Thank you very much.”

“It’s perfect for me”

“Received the new pouch it’s perfect for me, thank you so much, I will spread the word to my coworkers. The buckle really makes sense.”

“Love them”

“Love them, they work perfectly.”

“This one is perfect”

“Yes, this one is perfect! Thank you. The length is perfect as are all other dimensions. There is no “slop” and my phone rides without moving around. It still comes out easily and it looks awesome. I will be ordering another with a different clip so I can hang it on my pants without a belt. Thanks again!”

“It’s great”

“I received it and its great, thanks.”

“Great talking with you”

“It was great talking with you and dealing with you as well. Looking forward to my great brand new case.”

“Just received cases and belts with custom logos”

“We just pulled them out of the boxes and are looking at them now. First impressions are very positive. The graphics all turned out great, and the pouches are quality as ever. We will let you know as soon as our customer has had a chance to try them out as well as the feedback we receive from stores over the next few weeks.”

“Fits perfectly”

“The pouch was delivered today and it fits perfectly, exactly what I wanted.”

“Job well done”

“Special thanks to Jacque for a job well done! Very nice craftsmanship. It’s great to have the opportunity to purchase quality American made products…and in Arizona no less!”

“Thanks for providing such a great product!”

“I do a lot of search and rescue and disaster work, and having a Mighty Pouch for my cellphone is so important that I always carry a spare just in case. I’ve been using a Mighty Pouch for search and rescue and disaster response for I don’t know how long…20 years maybe…for radio as well as cell phone. Thanks for providing such a great product!”

“Exceeded my expectations”

“You have far exceeded my expectations.”

“Served me well”

“The last mighty ouch served me well over the prior two years, looking forward to this one.”

“Good Product”

“It’s a good make and will keep my radio safe.”


“It’s perfect thanks so much!”


“Great, exactly as I imagined.”

“The Cases are Perfect!”

“Just wanted to say the Cases are perfect!”

“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product and your customer service…”

“I received the new case last week, and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product and your customer service. I appreciate all of your time and help both with the design, manufacture, and rapid shipping of the pouch. You have been responsive and expertly answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. I consider this case a terrific value!”

“Thank you for your work!”

“The new pouch fits well. I can easily put the laptop in and out.”

“Works great!”

“I used the pouch today and it works great!”

(This customer ordered a landscape case for his iPad mini. We put two super buckles on the back of the case to keep it from twisting to one side or the other. The buckles were placed 4″ apart on the back of the case.)

“I LOVE your products!”

“I LOVE your products! I have purchased a couple of pouches from you for both my phone and tablet, and they work great!”

“First time I have had an issue!”

“I received my new pouch on Saturday. Wore it to work today. When I took it off this evening, the belt clip is coming apart where it was sewn. Photos are attached. What is the process to get this repaired/replaced? I have purchased numerous pouches over the years. This is the first time I have had an issue with one.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: “Wow, we really goofed on that. I know exactly what we did. We will get a new case out to you tomorrow. Thanks for the pictures, was able to point production right at the issue. Thanks.”

“Excellent product”

“I received the case today, and must say, it’s an excellent product. I am quite pleased with it.”

“Pouches fit our needs perfectly.”

“The pouches fit our needs perfectly!”

“Wow, I’m impressed”

“I received it today and works great!! I’m very impressed with my new case from Mighty Pouch. This custom made (really should say custom-er made) pouch is of high quality and workmanship. I’ve never had a cell phone case made in such a way before and I will definitely return to this company for my next one. Like I said, Mighty Pouch’s focus is on the customer and the needs of your device whether a cell phone, tablet, or in my case a tablet cell phone. Case fits perfectly in all aspects. Only one thing missing, maybe to offer personalization like stitching in initials, adding a company’s logo, or name.”


“I received the water bottle pouch and it works fantastic! The pouch is easy to use, stands up to wear, and fits the bottle perfectly. I love the design and ease of the metal belt clip to attach and stay in place.”

“I love it”

“I just received the pouch and I love it. Can’t wait to use it at work tomorrow. Thank you for everything.”

“So happy with it”

“I received my pouch and am so happy with it!”

“Exactly what I had in mind”

“I received the pouch today and it’s exactly what I had in mind. It’s perfect. I shared it on a forum, so maybe you’ll get a few inquiries. Thanks again!”

“Thanks for doing such a great job”

“It is perfect! Thanks for doing such a great job on it. I’ll leave some online reviews also.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: See his custom all-in-one PC case below. Contact us if you’d like something similar!

“It looks great!”

“Received the case today and it looks great!”

“Really like the workmanship”

“I really like the workmanship, please resend the correct covers. Thank you.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: Unfortunately one of our seamstresses made this case as landscape when the customer ordered portrait. We offered a full refund, or to send the customer a new case in portrait. The customer opted on the latter, and the new case was sent out the next business day.

“Several of your neoprene pouches”

“I have had several of your neoprene pouches, love your pouches!”

“Excellent service”

“It works perfectly. Thanks for your excellent service.”

“Love them”

“We ordered 3 custom pouches and love them!”

“Roll out was a great success…”

“Roll out was a great success and they love the holsters. Thanks so much for all your help.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback. This was a custom tablet and card reader case for a point of sale project for an Australian book retailer.

“Great work. Well made.”

“The case arrived in the mail today. Fits exact.”

“Exactly what I was looking for.”

“This product was exactly what I was looking for!”

“Works like a charm”

“Just received my mightypouch and it is fantastic!!!! I ordered one years ago for my palm pilot and have been using it for other devices for years and she still works like a charm. Is it any wonder I came back to you for my new pouch? Keep it up, folks!”

“I love it”

“I really appreciate what you have done and I am thinking I am going to love the pouch that you made for me. I love it, thank you and I will be getting some more whenever I need for another projects god bless you and your family.”

“Thank you for the great product”

“I got a pouch for my tablet that had only one belt strap when I had originally requested three. You sent the others, free of charge. When I suggested to split the cost, you suggested a donation to the Wounded Warriors instead. I made a donation today for $100 to the Wounded Warriros and wanted to say thank you for the great product.”


“I have had a pouch made from you and it has been wonderful. It is for my iPad mini. I would like to order another one for the exact iPad mini but this time on the outside I would like to have another pouch for my iPhone 6. Will you manufacture a model like that? Let me know and I’ll send my measurements.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: We custom made a case for this customer to allow their iPhone to be outside of the case. If you need something custom, just ask!

“Excellent product”

“I know I’ve been a bit slow in letting you know, but I just want to thank Jacque “Mighty Seamstress” for having made me an excellent product – a belt pouch for my phablet. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and does it brilliantly well. Thank you so much!”


“Survived cable tv, 101 lineman job, every roller coaster in Georgia and Florida. Never had a case that long!”

“One hell of a case!”

“Working out perfectly”

“This pouch is working out perfectly. Thank you!”

“Absolutely perfect!”

Received the Mighty Pouch you sent along and have been using it over the last few days, and it is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for incorporating the custom features as they are working out incredibly well, and your quality of workmanship is top notch!  The sizing is great as the iPad Mini slides in and out with the right amount of clearance, the velcro on the back holds the flap just as it should providing a completely open entry way as anticipated, and the ” D” rings are working out very well (positioned on the sides) with the strap that you sent along as well as a strap that I use that has a shoulder grip area to keep the strap in place.  The strap that you sent along with the swivel hooks works really well around the waist with clothing worn without belts such as basketball shorts, etc.  With the d rings on the sides of the case the strap with the swivel hooks lies flat against the waist which is real plus!  It is great as well to have the option of folding the flap inside and keeping it in place with the velcro you sewed inside which is particularly handy when wearing the unit with a regular belt with pants as it minimizes the clearance between the pack and the waist area.  Love the super buckle for easily attaching the pouch to a standard belt too… I am not sure how to use the waist strap with the smaller buckles that you sent along as the d rings replaced the optional conversion buckles on the back of the unit, however thanks for sending it along? I will highly recommend your products and great service to others… 


“I am disappointed to tell you that the case you guys made for me to carry an iPad mini at work has already had the metal belt clip come off the nylon strap on the back. Do you offer any kind of warranty on these cases?”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our cases. We replaced this customer’s case at no charge. We also implemented a new method of attaching our metal belt clips. The new webbing is twice as thick and we have added hat shrink to the buckle to dull the edges. Thanks for letting us know about your case as we are always trying to improve our products!

“I love your product”

“Thank you so much for sending me the custom pouch for my iPhone 6 plus.  It is great. I would be happy to give you any type of recommendation you wish.  I certainly am to my friends.  I will be ordering another one from you in the next week or so.  I need to decide if I want another landscape one or a portrait one.  I want to use this one for a week or so before I order the next one. I love your product and of course now your customer service.  I wish you much business success.”

“Thanks again for the custom work”

“It looks great! I think the buckle was the right call. In some cases I don’t use the headset and a tape measure will pop in there. Love the spot for iPhone and the flashlight feels snug. Thanks again for the custom work. When I show it to 23 other stage managers at the Grammys I expect some to give you a call.  Good luck and thanks again.”

“Pleasantly surprised”

“I was pleasantly surprised to find my pouch waiting for me at home before Christmas! The order status on the website still read “pending”, and still does. I  think. So I was especially surprised at its timely arrival.  Thank you, Scott, for trusting me with my check payment; and for the good work, the personal touch, and the lightning-quick turnaround. :)”

“You guys are great”

“Love it Scott. I tell everyone that asks about it where I got it and let them know you guys are great all around, craftsmanship-design-customer service. Thanks for all the help.”

“Recommending your company to all my friends”

“I got it today.  Thanks for your help.  I will be recommending your company to all my friends!”

“It fits perfectly”

“My order came today…..thank you. It fits perfectly, and will be a great help when I travel.”

“Looks good”

“Thanks.  My wife just brought it in from work 10 min. ago.  Looks good.”

“Great stuff”

“This will be my third case from the pouch. Great stuff.”

“Exactly what we were looking for”

“The case is great!  We used it throughout our fieldwork, and it was exactly what we were looking for.  We very much appreciate your quick responses and delivery.  We are thinking about getting similar cases for other equipment, and I will let you know if we decide to order additional cases.”

“Well-deserved praises.”

“I’ll certainly put a link to your website in my FB feed and sing your well-deserved praises.”

“Your customer service is blowing me away.”

“Many thanks”

“Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the cases, they’re perfect for the job! I’ll be in touch if we decide we need a few more! Many thanks!”

“Really appreciate all your help”

“You’ve got a deal! Yes, all those additional options you mentioned would be wonderful! And yes, I’ll happily give feedback on your website and the product. I really appreciate all your help.”

“I received the pouch and it’s fantastic – thanks!”

“Splendid pouch”

“Please accept my sincere thanks for the custom neoprene keyboard case recently ordered. It both fits the item in question and works perfectly. Unfortunately, as you can see from my receipt enclosed below, I actually ordered two specimens of this same item but only received one. I would be obliged if you could duplicate the pouch received and dispatch the second specimen at your convenience after Independence Day. Once again, please accept my thanks for your kind patience and assistance in this matter, as well as splendid pouch in question.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: Sorry about the missing pouch. It is on its way to you now. Thank you for your order.

“Arrived today and it is perfect.”

“Much more versatile”

“Oops, had a brain interruption Scott, of course the waist strap can be used with great utility around the waist and is an equal to or better option than the strap with hooks as you can slide the case around the waist with less resistance than when using the strap with hooks.  So glad you send it along as the case is much more versatile with it!  Glad you enjoyed the well deserved feedback,  Continued success.”

“Excellent customer service”

“Thanks! Will look for the shipment next week. Excellent customer service!”

“Exactly what I wanted”

“Thanks, Scott. It arrived today, and is exactly what I wanted.”

“You guys rock!”

“Yes please switch over to the super buckle because I’m not sure the metal clip will stay on. You guys rock!”

“Mighty seamstress”

“Have received the pouch in good order and tried it for 2 days now.  It is indeed a Mighty Pouch and I might just be getting another for my 8-inch tablet. Please send my thanks to your mighty seamstress Ms Jacque.”

“It is perfect”

“It is perfect, glad to have my pouch back.”

“Happy with the quality”

“New case received yesterday here, in perfect condition. I shall certainly be happy to recommend and order again when the need arises as I’m more than happy with the quality.  Many thanks”

“Thanks so much”

“We think this new sample will be perfect so I’d like to order 6 more just like it. If they could be schedule to arrive at the Florida address on or before July 27th, that would be great. Thanks so much!”

“Thank you again for all your assistance!”

“They worked out perfectly”

“Hope all is well with you! I just wanted to touch base about our pouches. We only got to use them for a week before closing for the season so I wasn’t able to get any pictures for you yet. I will, however, make sure to get you some in October when we re-open. Overall, they worked out perfectly! They are nice and flat and it’s very easy to move the tablets in and out without a problem.”

“Thank you”

“The pouch has arrived! It is much better than the previous and I’m happy with it. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for a good quality custom product.”

“Stand up guy”

“I was told by a co worker that you were a stand up guy. That is most definitely true. I am certain the pouch will be great. I plan on making a $100 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. I also look forward to showing of  my Mighty Pouch around the Television Production circuit and telling them how solid Mighty Pouch is…Thanks for going beyond the call.”

“It is great!”

“Very well stitched”

“Good evening Scott, just received the custom pouch for my iPad Mini. It’s a perfect fit, light weight, sturdy and very well stitched. Thanks, will recommend !”


“The Pouches arrived !  Although I was confident I would be impressed, and would very much like them, I find them SUPERLATIVE, and even better than I conceived.  They are EXACTLY that for which I was looking, and seeking to accomplish.  I especially recognize, and am particularly grateful for all of your assistance, in addition to all that you have done to facilitate the accomplishment of my objectives.  Now, I just need to send you some additional customers, who have seen your product, and who know how pleased, and satisfied I am as a customer.  Once again, many thanks.”

“Fits in nice”

“Looks great ! as long as the binding holds it together, I’m happy. I see you got it on the inside… the laser fits in nice. enough room, to be able to reach in, and pull it out..Thank You !”


“Pouch is nice and a nice fit. Thanks.”

“I am thoroughly pleased”

“We love the pouches.  We love the Beltmate and the Tabmate we love the buckles & how easily they come off and on the belt. I am thoroughly pleased, I’ve spread the word like I told you about your company.”

“A long-time customer”

“I appreciate your communication and support.  As you know, I am a long time customer, going back to my original iPhone 3GS!  The spear clip for the belt case is so much better than anything else I have ever found.  I appreciate your work and product.”

“They are perfect”

“Just letting you know we just received the pouches today. They are perfect and we really appreciate you getting them finished and to us by today.  Great product.”

“Fits perfectly!”

“Just wanted to let you know that I received my new Mighty Pouch for my HP Prime calculator and it fits perfectly!  My compliments to Jacque “Mighty Seamstress”!”


“Hi Scott just wanted to say Wow what a wonderful  creation with my pouch. Very fine workmanship and I will be spreading the the word . Sincere Thanks.”

“I love the pouch”

“My order came today and I love the pouch. My iPad fits perfectly. However my removable waist strap was not included so I cannot wear the pouch as planned. Can you send it to me. Thank you.”

MIGHTY POUCH RESPONSE: Sorry for the mistake. Glad to hear the case fits well. The waist strap was sent out today and we expedited the shipping.