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A hands free carry option for the NuVision Kickstand 11 Tablet with Magtek card reader and Windows®

MightyPouch came to the rescue when our customer needed help with several problems. Their rollout included the NuVision Kickstand 11 Tablet in the field where users would swipe identification cards and gather information after hurricane Irma.

HandsFree shoulder strap and Handle for NuVision Kickstand 11 worn on a person

>Ability to swipe id cards in the field quickly, remotely.
>Prevents dropping the tablet.
>Avoid fatigue from holding the tablet all day.


Our custom fitted Tab-Mate provided the customer with:

>Padded shoulder strap that can be used in Portrait or Landscape
>Velcro handle for controlling the tablet, that can be positioned anywhere on the back of the tablet.
>Cable managment solution for the USB Card reader
>Velcro Mounting surface for attaching MagTek magnetic reader


We can also outfit this case with protective covers and additional Tab-Mitts for two handed operation.


 This particuflar TabMate was custom sized for the NuVision Kickstand 11 Tablet and MagTek Card Reader

This tablet case allows the user to operate the tablet without having to continuously hold it. 

If you are intrested in our TabMate contact us today.....

Velcro handle can attach anywhere on back of the deviceShoulder Strap for NuVision 11 Tablet Shown in Landscape


Installed and ready for deployment.

Cases ready for field employees