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Need to carry your Tablet on the go? Our rugged Belt Case is ideal for users accessing their device 1-5 times per hour. This durable neoprene and nylon case is available in several colors. It easily attaches to your traditional belt, or choose the optional strap to be used over your shoulders or around the waist. The case secures with genuine VELCRO, magnets, or a bungee. It is also available with a front pocket that can be used to store papers or flat items and/or an internal pocket to hold your credit cards and ID. Consider also selecting an elastic holder for a Sharpie or small flashlight. All of our cases are custom sewn in the USA just for your order.

Customize your case below to best fit your needs.

Some things to consider when selecting options

Body Color:

  • Choosing a Body Color for your Belt Case – We offer black, forest green, royal blue, red, purple, teal, gray, pink, and navy color options for the front and sides of your Belt Case. The back of the case will be black. All flaps, webbing, buckles, and hardware (if selected) will also be black. The front pocket (if selected) will be the same as the Body Color. Many customers choose black because it is less likely to show dirt and oil stains. Colored fabric is easily seen and may be a better option if you’re storing it in a bag with many other items or in a dark location.


  • Portrait or Landscape – We recommend that Portrait be selected for all devices over 5″. The Portrait option will always sit closer to your body and will be less awkward and inconvenient. If you select Landscape for devices over 5″, the case will likely snag or catch in doorways or in crowded areas. This is due to the fact that your waist is round and the tablet is straight.

Attachment Method:

  • Standard Belt Loop vs. Super Buckle The Standard Belt Loop is sewn for a maximum 2″ belt. This is a good option for those who plan to wear their case on their personal belt for a long period of time. However, to remove the case, you’ll also have to undo your belt. We recommend the Super Buckle if you plan to remove your case frequently. The buckle unsnaps and will slide under and over your personal belt, then clip  the buckle together and your ready to go. Each option allows you to slide the case around your belt easily if you need to move it (for example, when you’re sitting in a chair you may want to move it forward). Your pant belt loops will limit the amount of slide.
  • Sewn Waist Strap The Sewn Waist Strap is a great option for those who don’t want to wear a personal belt. The strap is not removable and is sewn directly onto the case. It snaps together with our Super Buckle. The waist strap is adjustable and fits waist sizes ranging from 23-46 inches. Need something different, just contact us.
  • Metal Belt Clip This is a holster style clip that allows you to clip the case to your personal belt, clothing, pocket, bag, etc. Because it is a steel clip, if you plan to wear this on your waist band, you may find it uncomfortable, or it may cause wear to your clothing. Consider choosing the Standard Belt Loop, Super Buckle, or Sewn Waist Strap options if you are planning to use this long-term. The metal belt clip is definitely secure and some customers love it.
  • No Attachment There will be no way for you to carry this case on your belt. This is used when you are just looking for a storage-type case to put in your luggage, purse, backpack, etc.

Closure Type:

  • Bungee with VELCRO vs. No Bungee The Bungee with VELCRO secures your device in the case and stays out of the way when you don’t need it. The VELCRO pull tab is easy to grip and allows quick access. If you use your device more frequently the Bungee or No Flap option will give you the quickest access. You just need to be more careful when not wearing the case that the tablet can slide out if you choose no closure.
  • VELCRO Flap vs. Magnetic Flap vs. No Flap The VELCRO Flap is made of a durable genuine VELCRO and securely holds your device. Our Magnetic flap is great for those who want to open their case more quietly. The No Flap option is ideal if you don’t want a flap in the way and don’t need the device secured in the case.


  • Elastic Sharpie Holder – A single 1.75″ elastic piece is sewn on the side of your case, an inch down from the top. It is designed to fit a Sharpie or a similar sized item. We include a Sharpie with this option.
  • Elastic Flashlight Holder – An elastic piece is sewn to fit the Streamlight MicroStream Compact Flashlight (5/8 diameter). You can order the case with or without this great little flashlight.


  • Inside ID Pocket  This internal pocket keeps your credit cards or drivers license secure. The pocket is the full width of the case and 4.5″ long (vertically), which allows you to easily reach your ID or credit card. The pocket secures with a small piece of genuine VELCRO.
  • Front Pocket  Our Front Pocket is made the same width of the case and a length of 6″. The color of the pocket will be the same as the Body Color you originally selected. The opening of the pocket is covered by the flap (if selected). The neoprene lays flat on the front of the case. It stretches slightly but adds no significant depth. It can be used to store papers or flat items. Nothing more than 1/4″ in thickness is recommended in this pocket. If you need more depth, please contact us for a custom case.


  • Removable Waist Strap Our Removable Waist Strap is great if you’re not wearing a personal belt. The waist strap can be used with a Standard Belt Loop, Super Buckle, or Metal Belt Clip. The strap fits waist sizes anywhere from 23-46 inches.
  • Removable Shoulder Strap and D-Rings– Consider choosing our Removable Shoulder Strap and D-Rings if you’d like a different carry method. This may be a good option if you have a larger or heavier device. The removable strap attaches to D-Rings with swivel snaps. D-Rings are sewn on the back of the case for any devices less than 3/4″ in depth. For devices over 3/4″ in depth, we sew the D-Rings on the sides of the case.