Sleeve for Tablet (Made to your measurements)


We custom build your sleeve!

Custom sized for your tablet (even if you have a cover, case or skin).

Choose your options below.


This sleeve is a great way to store your device in your luggage, purse, backpack, etc. Cushioned 3mm neoprene (available in several colors) protects your device from dirt and scratches. Attachment methods such as belt loops, super buckles, and metal belt clips allow you to clip your device on a personal belt. Add webbing handles or a removable strap for optional carry methods. If you intended to wear your sleeve regularly on your belt, we strongly recommend our belt case instead.

Customize your case below to best fit your needs.

Some things to consider when selecting options for your Sleeve….

Body Color:

  • Choosing a Body Color for your Sleeve – We offer black, forest green, royal blue, red, purple, gray, pink, and navy color options for the front and back of your Sleeve. All webbing, buckles, and hardware (if selected) will be black. Many customers choose black fabric because it is less likely to show dirt and oil stains. Colored fabric is easily seen and may be a better option if you’re storing it in a bag with many other items or in a dark location.


  • Portrait or Landscape – The sleeve is built with an opening at the top. If you plan to select an attachment method, we recommend that Portrait be selected for all devices over 5″. The Portrait option will always sit closer to your body and will be less awkward and inconvenient. If you select Landscape for devices over 5″wide, the sleeve will likely snag or catch in doorways or in crowded areas.

Attachment Method:

We recommend if your desire is to wear this case more then occasionally that you upgrade to our belt case instead. It has a more solid attachment.

  • Standard Belt Loop vs. Super Buckle– The Standard Belt Loop is sewn for a maximum 2″ belt. This is a good option for those who plan to wear their sleeve on their personal belt for a long period of time. However, to remove the sleeve, you’ll also have to undo your belt. We recommend the Super Buckle if you plan to remove your sleeve frequently. The straps easily slide under and over your personal belt, and the buckle clips together securely. Each option allows you to slide the sleeve around your belt easily if you need to move it (for example, when you’re sitting in a chair you may want to move it forward).
  • Sewn Waist Strap – The Sewn Waist Strap is a great option for those who don’t want to wear a personal belt. The strap is not removable and is sewn directly onto the sleeve. It snaps together with our Super Buckle. The waist strap is adjustable and fits waist sizes ranging from 23-46 inches.
  • Metal Belt Clip- This is a holster style clip that allows you to clip the sleeve to your personal belt, clothing, pocket, bag, etc. Because it sits close to your body, if you plan to wear this on your waist band, you may find it uncomfortable, or it may cause wear to your clothing. Consider choosing the Standard Belt Loop, Super Buckle, or Sewn Waist Strap options if you are planning to use this long-term or if you prefer to have the attachment hang from your belt rather than sit close to your waist.
  • No Attachment – There will be no way for you to carry this sleeve on your belt. This is used when you are just looking for a storage-type case to put in your luggage, purse, backpack, etc.


  • Removable Waist Strap – Our Removable Waist Strap is great if you’re not wearing a personal belt. The waist strap can be used with a Standard Belt Loop, Super Buckle, or Metal Belt Clip. The strap fits waist sizes anywhere from 23-46 inches. You can also use this strap as a shoulder strap for an additional carry method.
  • Handles– We sew strongly reinforced webbing on either side of the sleeve to create comfortable handles.